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  1. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    [01:00:26] mac > I went up to this chick and said, "I'm a space pirate, mind if I plunder that booty? Its out of this world." All the fucker does is gank ships but I guess she won't know the difference...
  2. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    You got any nanite paste? I burnt out from looking at those engines.
  3. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Psst, hey. Want to head to my place? Its a wormhole full of hard knocks (the n is silent).
  4. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    I'll give you a hot drop out back for a 20. 40 for a blitz.
  5. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Yo girl you better be ready I am gonnna bring my capital into that wormhole. Get ready i'm about to collapse dat hole. I got love making to V.
  6. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Baby, I want to take you out to my krab hole. Wanna bump titans? I opened her bridge up and threw a freighter load in. I was dancing at the club and a chick asked me if I wanted to dance. I asked her if I could add her on my contacts list. I unchecked sending her a notification of red. She was a spy I knew it. Her dress had noobman alt all over it. I asked her if she knew where I could find a fleet of domi's. I surely got her now.