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  4. WTB Chong slaughter footage

    I was recording but in true eve fashion shit bugged the hell out for me. For half the fight i was shooting with a black screen where I could only see overview and targetrs.
  5. WTB Chong slaughter footage

    A few people were mentioning they recorded the fight and were asking if anyone was making a video. I have a video pretty much put together. If you have recording it would be nice to incorporate another point of view. Let me know if you want to share it.
  6. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    If you activate a module like that they will move you to low sec
  7. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    You could screw with CODE and start repping freighters.
  8. Part 1 login with your character to connect it with SSO Click on the Character Portrait of your linked Character Repeat for all characters you are applying with. This step will allow your characters skills to be displayed in your app. Part 2 Once you are finished with that, go to this link: https://recruitment.hardknocksinc.net/home and add ALL characters from ALL of your accounts. This step allows our recruiters to do their job!
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