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  2. It's been a while

    Now that you're a credentialed math god, can you finally tell me what X =?
  3. It's been a while

    Dr. Tikki I am so very happy for you. Holy hell it isn't easy what you accomplished. You're truly one of the best folks I ever met playing this game and as sad as I was hearing you were stepping away from eve I knew it was for the best. As miserable as working toward a PhD could sometimes be, I hope you can look back on it in fondness down the road. Good fuckin work Dr...... .......now get your ass in gear and start publishing
  4. It's been a while

    Congratulations dude. Game isn't what it used to be unfortunately
  5. It's been a while

    Glad you finished it. Sad you gave your stuff to a sociopath. Oh and Ccp cucks moved all the prewarpers out of wspace without notice.
  6. It's been a while

    o/ Dr Tikk glad you are well. You are right there is nothing like gaming with the boys, you missed a hell of a time with TDSN and that aftermath. Revenge evicting the most incompetent "frigate coalition" and just bullying TDSN into the ground was some of the best times in this game. You should come and say hello and play some other games with us! We are playing alot of Squad if you are into shooters and team play.
  7. It's been a while

    Congrats Dr. Tikki! I'm glad you used your brain to finish the degree. Jump on comms sometime, or come play a different game!!! You and @foedus_latro were big loss to my content! And you and Greenco helped all of us become filthy rich! Hope everything in life is treating you well, thanks for the update!
  8. It's been a while

    Sadly I came after your time, but godbless some of the nights shit talking with you on Tweetfleet as I got started in wspace. As for not returning, it's probably the best course of action. Even ignoring the effects this addiction has on our lives, the game is in the worst state in most likely ever. As evidenced by our zkill these days; as well as basically any other high skill group, it's utter fucking dogshit and most of us are either quitting or taking severely extended AFK breaks 😬
  9. It's been a while

    Well lads, I finally did it. It's been a long trek since I posted my glum farewell nearly three years ago. The familiar faces that were around then may remember that, at the time, I was killing it as an autist in EVE while my RL was tanking just as hard. It seemed doubtful that I'd successfully finish the grad program I was in. Well, I finally got my act together and recently passed my defense, making me a Ph.D. in physics. There's not a week that's gone by where I haven't recalled the great times with HK in this otherwise shitty game. For better or worse, it's unlikely I'll ever make a reappearance in EVE. Even if I retained my accounts, the burdens of life have become too consuming and it's hard to dismiss this game's negative effects on it. Still, playing with the boys was one of my greatest pleasures and I don't expect I'll experience such camaraderie again. I hope everyone, both old and new, is doing well and living the dream Tikki
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