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  4. omg shirley is such a nutcase hahaha as if she just buttered the toast and dropped it butter side down haha she is so crazy 

  5. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    You lucky bastard.
  6. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    You can use it for mining tho, as at the end of the thread.
  7. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    Oh balls, I see what you mean, it mentions these two points: A capital ship restricted (under normal game mechanics) to 0.4 space or lower may never change ownership under any circumstance, willfully or not, while in high-security space (0.5 security systems and above). This includes, but is not restricted to: Using the EVE market system, using the EVE contract system, using station direct trades, abandoning it in space. Breach any of the above will cause the capital ship involved to be moved to a nearby low security system. Should the ship have changed ownership, all transactions involved will be reversed and the previous owner given an official warning in addition to having the ship moved.
  8. I Have a FAX in Jita - What Do?

    https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203280661-Capital-Ships-in-High-Security-Space It looks like selling high-sec capitals is frowned upon
  9. First, the tl;dr: I have an Apostle in Jita and I'd like to sell it for far more than the hull is worth to a collector because even though highsec caps can't be used for anything useful, they are still collectable (I hope). So a couple years ago I basically went into Skill Training Online mode and then eventually I let my accounts lapse. Back then I had a badass fit Triage Archon and I think I was logged out in a POS with it (before Citadels) in RAGE when I stopped playing. Now I come back to check on that account, without subscribing it yet, and I see that I'm in a station in Jita, but the exciting part is that I'm sitting in an Apostle with all my Archon's old mods on it. My best guess is that when FAXs got introduced CCP swapped triage carriers for FAXs, but since I was out in space they moved me to a station, but since there was no nearby station since I was in WH space they moved me to Jita. So now I am the proud owner of a highsec capital. I have stripped the fitting off it, but left the CCC rigs on it. While in theory the hull and rigs are worth around 1.8b, I want to sell it for a lot more than that because, well, I hope that EVE still has odd collectors who would love to ship spin a FAX in Jita. I'm posting this here because I have no idea if it is even feasible to sell this thing and if it is how to go about it. I mean, I can put it up on contract for 5b or something, but I'd kinda like to know a bit more about this highsec cap and collectable stuff before I do that. I figure maybe some of you might know something or at least know who might. Any ideas? And for that matter, anyone wanna buy a FAX in Jita as a collector's piece?
  10. So, what does this do? Are we about to start using the forum instead of facebook pings?

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