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      Application Template - Updated 12th of April   04/06/17

      Your application is only visible to current members of Hard Knocks. Part 1 - A general guide.
      Before you post your application it is expected that you will have already entered all of you API's to our API system and a copy of your API's HERE. (full, account-wide API's). This means expired or trial accounts as well. You will be trolled (mostly poorly) ~deal with it~ Review our requirements for joining HERE When you've read and understood this you will do the following: 1. Create a new thread in this very forum section using the EXACT in-game name of your main character and paste part 2 (the questions) into that thread. 2. Answer all questions as and when asked. Keep in mind this is your first impression with most members of Hard Knocks, taking a couple of extra minutes to spell check, grammar check, and properly format your application makes a better impression on us. Paste as plain text - Sometimes forums gives text a weird background Do not bother applying in-game without being told to do so by a recruiter   Part 2 - The application form.   Section A - General info
      1. How old are you?   2. Where do you live and what languages do you speak?   3. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time and typically how long are your playing sessions?   4. Please list all characters that you are applying with and provide links to Evewho for each of them. Make sure your Eveboards are up to date and link them as well. State how long you have owned each character if purchased. Make sure you have submitted APIs for all characters you own not listed here.   Section B - The Eve Online ~experience~ 1. Give us an overview of your EVE career. How long you've played, in which corps/alliances, favorite fights/incidents, any relationships (positive or negative) of note with persons and/or corps/alliances.

      2. Why are you leaving your current corporation or alliance and why do you want to join Hard Knocks over another wormhole group?   3. Do you have any experience with specialized fleet (FC, logi anchor, etc) or corp (recruitment, logistics, director, etc.) roles? If yes, please tell us a little about that and if not, why?   4. Link the lossmail that you would say embarrasses you the most and explain to us why it happened. How have you improved as a player from it?   5. How do you plan to make ISK while living in w-space without corporate-organized PvE?   6. Have you lived in wormholes for any extended period of time previously? If so, give us a brief overview of your experience with it.   7. You are the first person to jump through a new static wormhole and see capitals and sleeper wrecks on d-scan. What do you do?   8. You're in a Sabre hunting in null and see a carrier on d-scan. You're able to pinpoint the anomaly that the carrier is in and enter warp to it. Describe how you would pilot your Sabre to tackle the carrier and keep it tackled until more support can arrive?
      9. Give examples in eve of when you committed acts of piracy, scamming, spying, and/or general griefing.   10. Walk us through your process of jumping into and scanning a new wormhole.
      11. Did you put your full-access, account-wide APIs for all your accounts into this link including expired or trial accounts?   12. Link your Reddit username if you have a Reddit account. If you have anything else you'd like to add to the app, this is the place to do it.
    • ayeson

      Hard Knocks Requirements   04/07/17

      Ship Requirements: Need to be able to fly 2 of: Support T3 (Neut Legion, Web Loki), Combat T3 (HAM Loki, Blaster Proteus), or Guardian
      Need to be able to fly 1 of: Cerberus or Scimitar
      Need to be able to fly 1 of: Sleipnir, Hurricane Fleet Issue, or Scimitar
      Need to be able to fly 1 of: Hecate, Svipul, Confessor, or Deacon
      Must be able to fly a covops or scanning T3 with scanning supports on an alt. If you feel like you can make up for deficiencies in any of the above requirements and still wish to apply, post your recruitment thread and contact a recruiter directly via ingame or PM. General Requirements: WH knowledge - you do not need to be a master but you must know the basics, do some research. Proficient understanding of game mechanics Ability to scan proficiently Have a scanning alt that's not on the same account as your main Ability to listen, comprehend and speak English proficiently over TS3 with a non-shitty microphone. Be active - this cannot be stressed enough You must submit to a full API check for all accounts held and a formal TS3 interview You must be self-sufficient with ISK. We do not run any form of PvE content as a corp. Some opportunities are presented via our daily chains but we do not run escalations
      Strong Recommendations: The ability to combat and d-scan proficiently Experience with flying support ships when required (HIC, Recons, Logi, etc)
    • ayeson

      So you want to apply?   04/08/17

      Before you can create a thread on our forums you need to register with our services:   1. Go to http://auth.hardknocksinc.net
      2. Register an account using THESE (full access) permissions on your API.
      3. Pick a password
      4. You can login to these forums with the same username and password as you used for your auth account
      5. Follow the application template: https://forum.hardknocksinc.net/index.php?/topic/3355-application-template/  

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