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  1. You don't like Muslims? Muslim and communism do not work well with each other.
  2. need to replenish my troll quota with a non-troll post from time to time, just to keep the new guys on their toes ;p already got a green horsie to pm me ghetto pw today lol >D
  3. I think most people confuse theological philosophy with hard fact. Everyone or at least most people grow up with some sort of fear of god and while some outgrow it others get more embedded into that mindset. I am okay with that, I have family members who are hindu/muslim/christian and unbelieving infidels like myself, now when i say hindu/muslim/christian, most people will see a cow worshipper, a jihadist and a westboro baptist church member and they will differentiate the 3 religions as people from 3 races/cultures. truth is they are all brothers and sisters, my uncle and aunts, not the black type of brothas and sistas, no actual blood related. Why do they have different religions ? the ones who stayed home are hindus. my grandparents were poor, owned cows, and a farm (more like a few acres of barren unworked land), but they did not worship the cows. the ones who came to Netherland to study (2 of them) found themselves dutch women (blonde cow farmers in klomps) and converted to christians because apparently in the 70's strict catholic farmers did not allow their daughters to marry non-christians. i don't think my uncles went to church since he got married ever again, neither has my aunts. One of my uncles has 5 girls and 2 boys, the other one has 2 girls and 4 boys. they were all born within 10 years of each other. do the math ;p. the muslims ? 3 of my aunts got married to muslims, they cover their heads with a scarf (not a hijab or burka) and wear ray-ban aviator sunglasses and red lipstick when they go out for a drive to the supermarket or to the gym (surinam muslims are for some reason very fucking rich people). my muslims uncles are the biggest alcoholic/degenerates (no wife beaters though) who have gone on hadj to mekka more times than i can remember. Everyone is living their own life and give 0 fucks about what the other person believes in. whenever religions comes up in a conversation especially lately because of the muslim shits, they always talk about those shitbags, not those muslim shitbags, but those fucking shitbags. whatever the religion between them they all seem to have one thing in common, I am 100% sure unwittingly (mofos don't even know what star trek is), wheaton's law.
  4. dafuq wald, it never became anywhere near pc ;p
  5. even the jews and hindus have crazy section.
  6. this is the perfect real life example of this
  7. That went exactly as expected ;p