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      Application Template   01/26/20

      Your application is only visible to current members of Hard Knocks. It is not visible to the general public, or other applicants. Part 1 - A general guide.
      Review our requirements for joining HERE When you've read and understood this please do the following: 1.  Please make sure you add ALL of your characters on our corp SEAT using THIS LINK from all your accounts, even the ones you are not applying with. The number one cause for delayed applications is people not adding all their characters to our SEAT. 2. Create a new thread IN THIS FORUM SECTION using the EXACT in-game name of your main character and paste part 2 (the questions) into that thread. 3. Answer all questions as and when asked. Keep in mind this is your first impression with most members of Hard Knocks, taking a couple of extra minutes to spell check, grammar check, and properly format your application makes a better impression on us. Paste as plain text - Sometimes forums gives text a weird background Part 2 - The application form. Section A - General info
      1. How old are you? 2. Where do you live and what languages do you speak? 3. Which time zone sees the most of your playing time and typically how long are your playing sessions? 4. Please list all characters that you are applying with. State how long you have owned each character if purchased. Section B - The Eve Online Experience 1. Overview:     a. Why are you leaving your current corporation or alliance and why do you want to join Hard Knocks over another wormhole group?     b. Have you lived in wormholes for any extended period of time previously? If so, give us a brief overview of your experience with it.     c. How do you plan to make ISK while living in w-space without corporate-organized PvE? 2. Ships & Fits:     a. Link a fit that you enjoy flying. Briefly describe its role, and its strengths & limitations.     b. Link a fit that you created yourself. Briefly describle its role, and explain any important fitting decisions that you made.     c. Link the lossmail that you would say embarrasses you the most and explain to us why it happened. Could a different fit have helped you in this situation? How have you improved as a player from it? 3. Scenarios:     a. You are the first person to jump through a new static wormhole and see capitals and sleeper wrecks on d-scan. What do you do?     b. Describe how you pilot a sabre while solo tackling a carrier in nullsec. How would you do this differently if hostile subcaps warped on grid to kill you? What modules would you prioritize and how to keep yourself alive and the carrier tackled as long as possible?

Public AAR: Upvotes Don't Kill PETES

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One week later: Nova Finale



Pregame Planning

Thursday night we finalized it in a Spec Ops / Director meeting that we would be going back to contest the POS timer coming out late USTZ Friday night. The Dropbears POS was coming out at 05:06 eve time. It was a weird timer for us at late US/AU and Euros alarm clocking Saturday morning. We decided to form early and lay in wait in the static chain.


At 0300 Nova’s static was crit. QEX rolled it with a HIC and scanned a chain. HK/LZHX/ISO5/Odin’s Call all formed at 0330. HK left Rage at 0335 and moved 7 jumps to the Nova chain. We waited till about 0400 to move up into Nova’s chain. It looked something like this Nova > C6 > C5 > C5 > C3 > C2 > HS. We moved up to the C5 and sat on the C6 (Nova’s static WH).


At around 0430 QEX started logging in Dreads and T3’s. Soon after Brave warped a Devoter over to the static WH. Brave jumped a scout into Nova’s static and QEX jumped a scout after them. Watching the QEX scout jump static is what triggered Dropbears to go all in and warp their entire fleet to defend static. For they knew that if QEX could scan a route out to k-space they could receive reinforcements. What they didn’t know was 60 Petes have been formed and ready for 30mins anticipating Dropbears making a move for static. Sure enough “Full fleet align toward static” was reported from our scout. QEX warped their T3 fleet to static to clear the Devoter. It was time for us to spring the trap.


No More Blueballs

I am extremely curious of the emotion that went through the Nova defenders stomachs? Was it excitement? Was it shock? What were they thinking as a 60 man fleet jumps though the wormhole into their capital fleet and initiates warp right next to them and slips past them. Were they expecting it? The wormhole collapses under our weight trapping a few tengus and support behind. We ping to 200km tactical, warp off, and warp back and start hazing sub caps. Our primary targets were Vindis and Bhaalgorns and any sub caps we could snag before triage caught reps.



5 Mins into the Thunderdome MaxDEL (FC of QEX) warps 9 dreads into the 17 dreads of the BAERS fleet. Now in a magnetar 9 dreads turns into 18 and 17 dreads turns into 34. The bloodbath of dreads on both sides went quickly over the next 7 mins. As the QEX dreads thinned out the Petes followed the primes of the final QEX dreads and slayed a few more dreads. The pods from the BAERS warped back to their staging tower and picked up replacement ships. As individual subcaps landed back on grid they were sniped before Triage could react.


In a field of Dreadnaught wreckage, the T3’s and carriers survived along with a Hero Armageddon that tanked nearly 700,000 Damage and 5 dreads from BAERS are still alive. BAERS fit their dreads max buffer tank for the most part and it took quite a while for the Petes and QEX T3’s to power through them. Finally the remaining fleet left on the collapsed static for the Nova defenders is 4 Archons. The Petes get a warp-in 30 km off of them and reloaded to Faction Antimatter and melt the remaining 4 capitals.


During the fight the Sniper Tengu fleet never once had to bail and re warp. In fact when we were getting near the maximum of our targeting range we hubris-ly approached a wreck near the Bears fleet and aligned nearly straight at them without a safe warpout. Eventually as we got to around 100-110km we realigned back into a safe formation.


As the battle on the collapsed static ended the timer for the BAERS POS has 5 mins left. The Petes land on the tower with 1 minute remaining, and to our surprise the POS password is changed and the BEARS pilots and ships are ejected. Carriers are caught; Orcas and AFK T3’s are put to the sword. After bouncing all over the system like and Easter egg hunt we finish off the tower 20 mins later.


You seriously gotta hand it to the Defenders of Nova; they fought with heart and courage. I hope they had more fun than we did in their last Blaze of Glory. Hard Knocks hopes they rise from the ashes and rebuild and repopulate in another wormhole. After talking with Jim it seems they are more cohesive and stronger after this week of struggle, and will take a much deserved break and get back at it.


Couple Memorable Quotes

[05:29:05] MaxDEL > In any case I am very happy - there was a big battle - and our capital ships do not go to home)

[05:54:19] Jim Suletu > Moved in with 7m SP, died with T2 siege (got it Wednesday) :D

[06:29:56] Jim Suletu > First cap fight, first cap loss, had siege 2 for like 2 days :)

[06:30:07] Jim Suletu > First cap fight + first FC'd cap fight



With the threat of imminent reinforcements the Nova Defenders warped their entire fleet to protect and collapse static as their final staging POS had 30mins left on its timer. Little did they know this was exactly the perfect situation that the HK/LZHX/ISO5/Odin’s Call combined fleet had anticipated. The Pete fleet hid in static chain and slipped past the exposed BAERS capital fleet. With the capitals tackled and engaged by the T3’s and Tengus, QEX warps in their dreads to an unfavorable but necessary trade. A Slugfest ensues with the attackers prevailing.


Huge amount of respect was earned for Dropbears and crew from me and HK. Jim and team did a hell of a job being relatively young to the game/WH’s, especially in a massive scale weeklong onslaught on their home.


Battle Report:



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