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  1. It's been a while

    Well lads, I finally did it. It's been a long trek since I posted my glum farewell nearly three years ago. The familiar faces that were around then may remember that, at the time, I was killing it as an autist in EVE while my RL was tanking just as hard. It seemed doubtful that I'd successfully finish the grad program I was in. Well, I finally got my act together and recently passed my defense, making me a Ph.D. in physics. There's not a week that's gone by where I haven't recalled the great times with HK in this otherwise shitty game. For better or worse, it's unlikely I'll ever make a reappearance in EVE. Even if I retained my accounts, the burdens of life have become too consuming and it's hard to dismiss this game's negative effects on it. Still, playing with the boys was one of my greatest pleasures and I don't expect I'll experience such camaraderie again. I hope everyone, both old and new, is doing well and living the dream Tikki