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  1. Today, upon logging in his scanner in the c6 magnetar he krabs in, kappa discovered to his horror a caldari provisions naglfar roaching his sites.

    After reluctantly logging off his alt in pandemic horde, and listening intently to the advice we were giving him on comms, kappa decided to escalate the naglfar's site with his rolling carrier, so that the extra avengers might keep him pointed as he scanned for a kspace to get us in to kill the naglfar.

    The process of escalating (by warping in a carrier to the site at range) went without issues, and to his great pleasure kappa managed to find a direct wormhole to a system in syndicate, that upon further inspection had a thera wormhole right next door, so we podded out several sabre pilots and dread pilots from rage to go kill this naglfar.

    As we burned our toons, kappa realized that we would not arrive in time to tackle the dread before he could clear the avengers, so he decided to fit tackle to his rorqual, stating "I have indy core fitted, I can easily tank this man"

    As this was happening, several of the wormholes we planned on using in thera ended up having rolled, so our pilots had to do a bunch of extra jumps to come to kappa's aid.

    When kappa pride finally landed in site with his rorqual and managed to tackle the naglfar, the dread started shooting him. but to his horror, kappa pride realized he had forgotten a critical component to his plan: Heavy water.

    without being able to seige his rorqual, the naglfar started breaking the rorqual's tank. This was not helped by the fact kappa managed to burn out one of his c-type adaptive invulns.

    Realizing what he had to do, kappa quickly put some heavy water in the fleet hangar of the only nag he had a pilot for and warped it over to the rorqual's aid, managing to land just in time to save his rorqual that at this point was in 18% hull. 


    After saving his rorqual (but keeping it on grid to hold tackle), kappa started shooting the hostile naglfar with his own, promptly breaking its tank and finishing it off by the time the first of our sabres finally landed on grid, to the disappointment of us all. But during all this commotion, the drifter had landed in site and aggressed on the biggest ship on grid, the same rorqual. As you might see from the screenshot, there was one problem with the rorqual taking drifter aggro: it was out of cap, so it could not actually tank it,

    upon realizing his mistake kappa frantically started looking through his fleet hangar for some refit that would save him, maybe cap boosters? but alas, kappa pride was incredibly uprepared for the situation he found himself in, so all he could do was fit bulkheads to delay his inevitable demise, and pray his naglfar could kill the drifter on time.

    minutes passed by as the rorqual's hull once again started ticking down, the naglfar frantically heating its guns on the drifter. 

    By this time, one of mick's cap pilots had arrived, and he quickly shipped into another dread to aid with killing the drifter asap.

    By the time this 2nd nag finally landed on grid and hit siege, the drifter warped, and kappa was saved