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  1. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Did I ever told you I love you Bob?
  2. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Yeah, "crit" like in "critoris" Is that Japanese? It's ancient greek. κλειτοÏίς, kleitorís (« Small hill ») Fucking greeks. Didn't know they like other things than dicks and debts.
  3. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    Yeah, "crit" like in "critoris"
  4. EVE Online Pickup Lines

    You did right, She surely was about to awox your ass.
  5. Muslims in my Texas ?

    Curiously enough, the Bible itself predicted the end of religions by governements. This could happen actually.
  6. Muslims in my Texas ?

    Yes, cuz it's Texas and Middle East actually
  7. Muslims in my Texas ?

    All that just because of this: Now to sort this out, I call Jesus vs Mahomet.