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  1. Yea Elite suffers from being a game pretty much made for HOTAS sticks but involves way too many commands to be comfortable on anything but the really high-end hardware. 


    I bought a $50 stick and found the lack of buttons and having to periodically use the keyboard was enough to make me switch back to 100% mouse and keyboard. Maybe the extra $100 is worth it for the X52 if you think this game will keep you interested for that long.

    This is apparently why people resorted to binding voice commands for some actions, I guess? I'm still on the fence tbh, it looks fun but I'm not sure I'm interested in it enough to put up with gimping myself in-game or buying extra hardware to play it.

  2. And do you need a joystick or is it easily playable with mouse/keyboard?

    I have a friend who plays it and apparently the optimal peripherals are an oculus rift and a joystick. I've also heard people say they set up software to use actual voice commands to initiate certain actions in-game hands-free. The less of that you have, the less edge you have in combat I guess, because it's not as viable to turn off assisted flight mode. The joystick seems to be very important (mouse movement + a few keybinds can replicate a joystick for flight simulators but obviously it's not going to be ideal), but other parts of the game are apparently fine without it since you can stay in assisted flight the whole time with no issues.


    This is just what I've heard though.