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    Hail, mighty alliance!
    I represent a tiny corporation Victorum Out Mortis living in J170845 system.
    In recent days your presence has become unavoidable with all-seeing scouts and logoff fleets, so we are facing the choice of leaving wh-space in nullsec.
    I have heard you offer rent for some corporations. 
    So I thought that if we could pay a reasonable rent we could become citizens of your mighty empire.
    Sincerely, Ettox 1.
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    NOVA AAR:  Pete FC (HK perspective)
    Hey guys I'm here to shed some light from our perspective, for those of you that are interested. Majority of you do not care for our actions or our "Renter Empire". Feel free to complain in the comments below. You are going to complain how we are cowards for flying Petes or evil people ruining w-space, feel free to voice your opinions (We enjoy hearing them )! I do not speak for QEX/LZHKS/IXTAB/Hole Control /Spetraliz IIZ/Odin's Call, this is only a opinion of the FC and OPS director of Hard K(n)ocks.
    Gonna start of by reminding everyone Eve is a "Sandbox" Massively Multiplayer Online video game.

    It seems that everyone thinks there is rules or an honor code that everyone one has agreed to follow, which is simply not the case. At the end of the day it's about blowing up each others spaceships.
    Other entertaining attributes of Eve is Politics, Espionage, Stealing, and being an Asshole and intentionally pissing people off to give your self a good laugh. Not many other MMOs facilitate an environment to allow the player to wield such power and create a name for himself to be famous or infamous.
    I say all that to remind everyone there are no rules. You can push whatever kind of e-honor and rules on other people but if you don't have the military strength to enforce them they are meaningless words to other people.
    Let's clear up a few things before we talk about the Nova Deployment.
    Hard Knocks has an alliance [HKRAB] of 25 corporations. In HK there are 92 "Mains" if you look at the size of the alliance (588 members) divide it by 92 that is 6. So a pseudo average for every 1 pilot in HK each person has 5 alts. That really doesn't paint an accurate picture of the reality of it. Some people only have 1 account most have 2-3. And most leadership has 8-12 accounts. So in order to finance these accounts we unfortunately have to PVE. So to separate our main wormhole of "Rage" from this PVE, so we can focus on killing caps and pissing people off and having fun, we have created an alliance to house alt corporations. Why do we use alt corps? You're going to say because we don't want the PvE losses on your killboard, that might be true but the real reason is game mechanics. For each group of 1-5 people farming ISK in these WHs they need their own set of director level POS roles for security and POS set up, they need their own sets of bookmarks to operate, ect. So these corporations in HKRAB are not "renters", they are small groups of mains on their alts doing organized PvE at the highest efficiency (isk/hr) in Eve. It takes a lot of accounts and ISK and effort to set up and maintain these alt corps but it is not a burden on Hard Knocks because it is handled separately by the members. If a ping for a fleet goes out and people are on their alts bearing, they get finished with their current site, warp the caps to the POS and log out, and login to accounts in Rage for PVP.
    Sounds like a pretty good system that we've organized for ourselves right? Sure it's greedy, but that's Eve, everyone wants ISK to buy toys and blow shit up. Instead what you have in other WH corporations is a daily struggle for leadership to facilitate PvE for their members. By running home sites (PvE in home system) they are locking down their home WH to not allow PvP for anyone that lives in their system while they spend 1-3 hours running their sites. This constant grind and effort that burns out leadership and FC's and content creators because they have to herd cats for PVE. I think that's what separates HK from other WH corps, and contributes to our success. There are plenty of unhappy people looking from the outside and see what we have built, and they fabricate from their imagination of why we would need this "Empire". Some think RMT, some think renters, whatever it is they think, they are disgusted with it.
    So finally let's talk about this past weekend.
    I woke up Friday late in the day and while lying in bed I checked my phone and saw all this stuff on reddit about QEX invading Nova. Literally the first I had heard of it. Sure I knew QEX was seeding dreads and at some point QEX wanted to evict them but no date was given from Max. Everyone was waiting for me to decide if HK was going to deploy and help QEX. We waited out Friday to see what would happen. If QEX could handle it we wouldn't go, if they were greatly outnumbered and asked for our help we would go. After seeing the insane support on reddit and not to mention a frig hole for anyone at any time to get pilots into Nova, It looked like it was going to be a big public festival of everyone and their grandmother showing up.
    So Hell Ya, why would we want to miss out and being the bad guys and bringing a fleet to slay the pubbies? Sounded like fun to me. We chose to fly nullified sniper rail tengus Known as PETES. We had had success defending against the "Krab Uprising" when they invaded QEX's home of Polaris (c6 Magnatar). The Pete is a perfect ship in a magnater, where damage is double and targeting range is half. It is agile enough and if FC'd and executed correctly it can fight outnumbered or from far enough away.
    Just like the Brave side some people came to us and said "Hey we would like to be on your side, We have been on the pubbie shit show side before, we want to be the bad guys and be on the organized side". It wasn't really a grudge against Dropbears or if they cared to see them being evicted, it was for some PvP content and what looked to be a massive event.
    Friday night USTZ HK facilitated Rage rolling (chain collapsing our static wh) with only a fleet of about 30 (Some Petes, some scouts). We rolled for 3 hours and decided to let our dudes sleep. We would plan to form US dudes and EU dudes at 1200, which is 1 hour after DT (RUSTZ). At that point The Russians would attempt to take hole control and scan us a route in. I think they caught and killed a Moros rolling a null connection? And then took static hole control. They scanned us a chain and we got in like 30-40 Petes. Over the next couple hours our members were waking up seeing the pings and getting to Nova as fast as they could while we had hole control.
    While we were using the static chain off of Nova, Brave was taking advantage of the un-closable Frigate wormhole, using it to stream in pilots that were being told "Come in an interceptor and we will hand you a combat ship." With the public availability and access to their fleet and TeamSpeak server, this is the time we started spying with alts in their fleet and ears on their comms. Eventually we directly continuously streamed their TeamSpeak into Hard K(n)ocks TeamSpeak, so all of our sides leadership could have live ears on what they were telling the 450 people on their TeamSpeak. Don't worry we recorded it all.
    The best part is everyone was asking for the POS passwords and the Brave leadership was telling it to them over comms. "mushrooms","1", "speedfast" were some of the passwords we used to steal unpiloted floating ships. In total we stole 6 dreads (3 Moros 3 Pheonix)

    , 1 archon that was SD'd in their face inside their pos (it got bumped out and whored on before SD), 1 Nidhoggur, 1 Bhaalgorn and a couple other T3 cruisers and dictors. This chaos and lack of security was infuriating people on Nova comms, and lowered morale.
    I think this lack of organization and not being able to manage 400 - 500 people is what crippled the defense of Nova. Who would have thought that having overwhelming numbers would be a disadvantage? From the time QEX/SIIZ took hole control, no clear plan or decisions were announced to the crowd of redditors, BRAVE, and wormholers that had come to help, until they announced they would hand out ships at 00:00. So from 12:00 to 00:00, 12 hours of "Get into Nova and sit in the POS and be ready at any moment for some HUGE fight that will happen. People were ready to fight for Dropbears,¦ Ready all day long,¦ Sitting,¦ Waiting."
    We knew we could use this to our advantage. We told our fleet to idle logged-in in the POS and go to sleep and alarm clock for a later fleet. So we left 50-70 people showing in the POS while only 10-15 were awake.  This entire time Brave never attempted to take hole control of the static. Our pilots rested and while the other side grew tired.
    We formed at 16:45 to kill 2 small towers
    We formed at 00:45 to kill 2 more towers around 01:00. We were looking at Brave to drop the hammer and keep us off their towers. But they didn't form.
    At 03:15 Brave engaged a GOON Harpy fleet on the static. It was the first signs of life from them

    We were not planning on forming until 06:15, but we sent out a ping and formed and kill some BRAVE as the retreated to their POS. After we stood down and set our guy back to sleep.
    At this point Brave leadership said roll and crit all the holes no more people in or out. It was Late USTZ when the Russians are sleeping and our euros are sleeping.  Why not take hole control ship in a doctrine to counter the petes? Or invite someone willing to counter-pete the petes ? Or use the power of the static to get a nice route for even more reinforcements instead of make them go to Cobalt edge through a frig hole? It literally blew our minds while we listened to their comms. In that moment they could have saved their home. We knew our best strategy was Timezone warfare. Give our pilots 4 hour naps in between fleets and let BRAVE fester in their POS waiting for a fight.
    Next fleet was 06:15 when the majority of the towers would start to come out.  Brave showed no signs of an FC that would lead them to saving the POS's. QEX/SIIZ put a fleet of t3's on the tower as well as our Petes and finally the Swarm was coming to kill us. We capitalized on listening to their comms and every time someone would say "someone is boating out of the POS" or "I forgot to change the POS password I'm stuck outside the shields", our scouts would give us a warp in for EZ kills.
    The Brave fleet attempted to hold down the QEX/SIIZ fleet 4-5 times on different POS's. With 400-500 people how was this impossible? There was only 50-60 Russians in T3's. Suicide 20-30 dictors while the main fleet lands?
    From 06:15 to 13:00 I was awake and FC'ing Petes. It really was a hell of a lot of fun. Our comms discipline was great. In the heat of it we were executing well, on Channel Command we were setting up warp ins and talking strategy. And toward the end it got more casual and we were telling jokes and having a good time. I can't imagine how many times I told people to Align and nearly fail-warped us to our deaths.  It is a lot of stress holding your finger on the button to warp while FC'ing and calling primaries and getting the next warp-in set up. I definitely can't say I did alone. Braxus, Muhadin, Josh, Jerzii all my probers and interceptor pilots. Thanks to all the Leadership and Spec Ops and Spies of the other corps for feeding me Intel. Thanks to Teh Replika for translating with MaxDEL, and of course big thanks to QEX/ Spetraliz IIZ / other RUS for creating the content. Thanks to Hole Control, Ixtab., Lazerhawks, Odin's Call for fleeting up with me, hope it was fun.
    After 13:00 we extracted Bob blessed us with this amazing chain with our home systems connected.

    If you're still pitchfork-carrying mad after reading a glimpse from our side then that's great. Do something about it and create content for us all!
    I talked about my Eve Philosophy and HK empire If you got bored with that and stopped reading I talked about the fight half way through, go check that out.

    "I think this lack of organization and not being able to manage 400 - 500 people is what crippled the defense of Nova. Who would have thought that having overwhelming numbers would be a disadvantage"
    I can't really blame Jim and Dropbears, they had really tough shoes to fill. Sorry for the long sleepless weekend. Hope I can still call you a friend Jim!
    Other than that we killed ships, we stole ships, we recorded everything! Wait for a Jerzii Kockegg Video and look at the pictures. Be less mad and go shoot things with your ship.

    Battle Report